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Workshop of Filthy Creation Art of Johnny ACE & Kali Verra HC

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(W/A/CA) Johnny Ace, Kali Verra

On sale May 21
FC, 112 pages
HC, 8 1/2" x 11"

From the darkest depths of artistic angst, from the steaming pits of punk-rock putrescence, from the grinding gears of the Kustom Kulture Krypt comes The Workshop of Filthy Creation: The Art of Johnny Ace and Kali Verra. Beginning with his career as an official Big Daddy Roth artist, veering through the birth of punk poster art, and now surfing on the cutting edge of lowbrow art and the new Kustom Kulture explosion, Johnny Ace (and his studio cohort, Kali Verra) has taken art by the throat and taught it a lesson it'll never forget! Eye-wrecking posters, Fink-tastic sculptures, voodoo pin striping, and every manner of doodad, gimcrack, and unholy talisman imaginable are on display.

  • Mass appeal to hardcore rock fans-featuring posters for The Cramps, Electric Frankenstein, Dick Dale, and more!

  • Johnny Ace Studios is currently working with the popular Lucky 13/Felon Apparel line on a series of monster/hot rod designs. Artwork will appear on T-shirts, belt buckles, and other product merchandise in stores everywhere.

    Text and illustrations of The Workshop of Filthy Creation: The Art of Johnny Ace & Kali Verra™ © 2008 Johnny Ace Studios.