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The Infinity Gauntlet #4 (9.4)

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Title: The Infinity Gauntlet
Issue: #4
Publisher: Marvel
Year: 10/1991
Grade: NM (9.4)

As earth's heroes begin to attack Thanos, Mephisto convinces him that Death will be more impressed by his courage if the fight is fair. Thanos quenches some of his power & battles the heroes led by Captain America & he kills them one by one. Observing from space, Warlock tells the Surfer that the heroes are merely a distraction & doomed for defeat. He then sends the Surfer in to snag the gauntlet from Thanos but the try misses. Realizing that he has come very close to being beaten by Warlock's ploy, Thanos powers back up only to be confronted by the most powerful beings in the universe.