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Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man

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Title: Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man
Issue: #1
Publisher: Marvel/DC
Year: 01/76
Grade: VG- 3.5

After the villains arrive at the satellite headquarters of the Injustice Gang, Luthor uses the stolen STAR Labs device to control the just-launched Comlab One. Spidey and Superman tackle their foes in orbit before the Metropolis Marvel must return Earthside to confront a tsunami, while Doc Ock is stunned by the extent of his partner's schemes.; After a rampage through Metropolis, Luthor tussles with Superman and is sent to jail -- but first manages to hide a device stolen from STAR Labs.; Spidey battles Doc Ock on a Manhattan rooftop and again over Central Park.; Superman and Spider-Man battle over Manhattan, the Web-Slinger having secretly been charged with red-sun radiation by Luthor.; Our heroes trace their nemeses to an abandoned railroad yard and then Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro.; The Daily Bugle and WGBS / Daily Planet staffers arrive at the World News Conference in New York City. At the display of Comlab One, "the world's first orbiting communications laboratory," Lois Lane and Mary Jane Watson appear to vanish in a flash of the Man of Steel's super-vision.; Luthor and Octopus escape from a New Mexico prison.; Peter Parker and Clark Kent return with exclusives of their alter-egos in action.