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Screem #39 Newsstand Edition

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Screem #39 is back with a bite! Our new issue features the cover article by Stephen R. Bissette, who gives us the scoop on Arrow Video's new Sam Katzman Blu-ray box set: COLD WAR CREATURES. We're thrilled to report that John-Paul Checkett will now have a regular feature in the magazine titled, "Deep Focus." John-Paul examines horror films that have fallen under the radar and deserve your attention. Adrian Smith is back with Screem as well, as his " Cannibals: Italian Style," article will whet your appetite (or ruin it!). David Wilt previews VCI Entertainment's upcoming 8 film SANTO Blu-ray set, due in 2022; Screem delves into the career of legendary actress Maria Ouspenskaya; and, we bring our largest selection of Blu-ray and 4K reviews to enlighten your entertainment cravings. All this and MORE in SCREEM #39!