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ROM #1 (9.0)

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Title: ROM
Issue: #1
Publisher: Marvel 
Year: 09/1979
Grade: VF/NM 9.0

1st appearance and origin of ROM

1st appearance of the Prime Director

1st team appearance of the Dire Wraiths and the Spaceknights

Rom arrives on Earth where he immediately encounters a terrified Brandy Clark. When Brandy returns home to Clairton, she discovers the giant space robot has arrived ahead of her and has murdered some of the townsfolk. Rom takes Brandy aside and tells her of his origins and current mission. He explains that the men he killed were shape-shifting Dire Wraiths in disguise. The Wraiths that have infiltrated Clairton call in the national guard to take care of Rom. Rom easily defeats the soldiers and sends the Wraiths to Limbo.