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Incredible Hulk #171 (8.0)

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Title: The Incredible Hulk
Issue: 171
Publisher: Marvel
Issue Date: 01/74
Grade: VF 8.0
Page Color: Off White
Notable Defects: N/A
Noteworthy: Battle of Hulk vs Abomination and Rhino
Betty returns to Hulkbuster Base with the Hulk secretly in tow and Betty has a tearful reconciliation with her father. Their moment of serenity is short lived, however, as Rhino and Abomination show up to take out the jade giant. Jim and Talia, who have driven two thousand miles just to say "Hi" to their friends, find the base locked down and under siege. As Hulk takes care of the villains, Jim defuses a Gamma bomb set off to destroy the base. With the situation well in hand, Armbruster takes advantage of an unguarded moment to trap the Hulk.