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Icons of Horror: Hammer Films

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The Devil-Ship Pirates - In the 16th century, the pirate ship "Diablo" joins forces with the Spanish Armada until it becomes evident that the Armada will not win. Fleeing the battle, the pirate ship sails into an isolated port where the villagers conclude that the Armada has won and the ship is part of the Spanish invasion forces. Brutal pirates take full advantage of this situation until a band of villagers rise up and destroy the evil pirates and their DEVIL-SHIP. The Terror of the Tongs - In this action packed film, a British merchant sea captain Toone sets out to crush the Red Dragon Tong, a secret society terrorizing Hong Kong in 1910. Toone goes on a rampage when his daughter and servant are murdered by Lee's henchmen. He hooks up with a former slave, and together they incite a riot which destroys Lee and his group of bandits. The Stranglers of Bombay - In the 1820's in India, followers of a religious cult, who worship Kali, goddess of destruction, murder hundreds of travelers