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Howard the Duck #6

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Title: Howard the Duck
Issue: 6
Grade: VG 4.0
Publisher: Marvel
Issue Date: 07/80

Howard and Beverly go to Howard's parents' house, only to find it has been turned into a shrine and is mobbed by pilgrims and media celebrating the fifth anniversary of Howard's "ascension." From hiding they watch Rev. Gander review Howard's life and learn how the Reverend had used the story to gain power for himself.; Howard and Beverly return to Howard's world, but are puzzled when Howard is treated as a Messiah.; Hiding out in New Stork, Howard, Beverly, and Truman find a drunken Ducktor Strange, who might be able to send Howard and Beverly back to Earth. The four are interrupted by Rev. Gander and and Uncle Scrounge McDuck, who is the financial backing behind the Wackie cult and who seek to eliminate any threat to their income. Ducktor Strange saves the day by sending Howard and Beverly back to Earth.; Howard and Beverly crash Rev. Gander's rally. Howard is welcomed as a hero, but Beverly is treated as a sideshow freak.; Howard and Beverly appear on Johnny Quackson's TV talk show, where Howard is reunited with his family. The scene is interrupted by Dr. Ludwig Von Cluck, who uses a powerful vacuum cleaner to strip Beverly of her clothes and cause a riot in the studio.; Adventures of street jugglers in the 1960s.; Winda uses her psionic mind powers to send Beverly and Howard to Duckworld.