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Frightfest Guide To Werewolf Movies

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(W) Gavin Baddeley, Neil Marshall
Over the past century, a diverse pack of lycanthropes has manifested on the silver screen, in big-bucks blockbusters and zero-budget B-movies. Within these colorful pages we will encounter reluctant wolfmen and shapeshifting sadists, Nazi werewolves and werewolf nuns, big bad fairytale wolves and lycanthropic nymphomaniacs. Finding fresh perspectives on established classics, uncovering neglected gems, and even examining a few howlers among the definitive selection of werewolf movies reviewed, Baddeley shows how the myth has adapted and transformed: whereby werewolves become analogies for alcoholism or adolescence, or ciphers for sexual awakening or serial murder. All is revealed in the FrightFest Guide to Werewolf Movies.