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Fight Against Crime Facsimile #20 (9.6)

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Title: Fight Against Crime Facsimile
Issue: #20
Publisher: PS Artbooks
Year: 05/2023
Grade: NM+ 9.6

When the Comics Code Authority came into existence in 1954, popular horror and crime comics (which are now much sought-after) were put to an end. This pre-code crime classic being released mere months before The Comics Code would come into play, just made the cut and was probably a prime example of what the Code aimed to censor! It features this brutal cover of a decapitation, as well as a hanging panel on the inside. Often vividly violent and sometimes disturbing images would no longer grace crime, horror or other mainstream comics for the following decades, making Fight Against Crime #20 one of the most collectable in the comic world. This is a Limited Edition so don't miss your chance to own this piece of pre-code comic history!