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Amazing Spider-Man #275 (9.0)

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Title: Amazing Spider-Man 
Issue: #275
Publisher: Marvel
Year: 04/1986
Grade: VF/NM 9.0

The Hobgoblin prepares to bring down Spider-Man. Peter and Aunt May bring Nathan home from the hospital. Peter tells Mary Jane that he is through being Spider-Man and tells her his origin story. Flash smacks his girlfriend around and busts Ned Leeds in the chops when he confronts him about the affair Flash is having with his wife. Hobgoblin takes Sha Shan as a hostage. Mary Jane convinces Peter that he can't quit with the Hobgoblin on the loose so Spidey faces his old foe. Spidey is able to rescue Sha Shan but is brought down by Hobby's new chest plate with a deadly random pattern blaster.