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Amazing Spider-Man #258 (8.0)

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Title: Amazing Spider-Man 
Issue: #258
Publisher: Marvel
Year: 11/1984
Grade: VF (8.0) 

Spider-Man's black suit reaved to be an alien symbiote / Debut of bombastic bag man costume 

Peter is floored by MJ's revelation that she knows he is Spider-Man. The Black Cat shows up at his pad and MJ takes off. His new costume takes him for a spin around the city in his sleep. Peter has a nightmare about his black costume. He decides to have Mr. Fantastic check it out. Reed Richards discovers that Spider-Man's black costume is an alien that is trying to bond with him symbiotically. He uses a sonic blaster to separate Spidey from his costume. Spidey swings home in an old FF uniform with a paper bag for a mask. MJ drops by to talk. Hobgoblin has a little proposition for the Rose.