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Amazing Spider-Man #119 (9.2)

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Title: Amazing Spider-Man 
Issue: #119
Publisher: Marvel
Year: 04/1973
Grade: NM- 9.2

Battle of Spider-Man vs the Hulk, Part one

Peter visits Aunt May at her new home in Westchester, which is being guarded by gunmen of Doctor Octopus. He was asked to deliver an urgent telegram by Mrs. Watson. He is concerned as to the importance of Aunt May to Doc Octopus after he overhears a conversation by the guards. Peter excuses himself, heads back to his apartment to read the telegram, but runs into Harry and his father Norman. Harry appears sick and is whisked away by his father. Peter decides to head to Montreal, using the paper's resources to find out about the mysterious Mr. Rimbaud and gets involved in a fight with The Hulk.