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King Giant Doorknob The Clobber Knocker AKA David Letterman



With the final airing of the "Late Show with David Letterman" later on today, we at Hero Trader thought it would be a cool idea to review David Letterman's appearance in the Avengers story line.  Just look at Letterman on the cover below, oozing with 1980 something flair and nuance. The artwork in this book is spot on and colored just as you'd imagine a comic book from the 80's to appear.( Full Disclosure: I wasn't even alive when this comic book hit the stands) Although this particular book has widely been criticized as not being "that" great. It is what it is, and what exactly should we expect from the Assistant Editors? Which they kind of had a take over at the Marvel offices in the month of January 1984 due to most of the regular editors being at the San Diego Comic-Con which gave them a lot of leeway in which stories to take to print.

 The Avengers #239 (pictured left), which was a part of the 
Assistant Editors Month. This book was humorous to the point of being positively goofy. The comic features members of the Avengers going on the Late Show to help plug Wonder Man's acting career, and while they are on stage, Fabian Stankowicz, AKA Mechano-Marauder shows up and starts to cause quite a ruckus. Using a giant door knob as a clobbering tool, which just so happened to be handy at the time apparently. Also we can't forget about Paul Shaffer showing up to the party. Adorning a Captain America jersey no less.

This is just a fun look back on a mere speck in the timeline of the infamous Dave Letterman. But it's a pretty darn cool speck if you ask us, I mean how many people have used a giant door knob to subdue a villain in a comic book? Does the title of King Doorknob the Clobber Knocker apply only to David Letterman? Even if some obscure comic book from some indy publisher features a hero that wields only the largest and shiniest of giant brass doorknobs I don't know if it could hold a candle to Letterman. But on a serious note, for 33 years David Letterman has been entertaining us during our late nights, and tonight will be his last show so be sure to tune in! And if you have the The Avengers #239, why not pull it out from whatever long box you have it hiding in and give it another read? 


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