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CGC to Grade Concert Posters

Certified Guaranty Company (CGC®), the world’s leading comic book certification and grading company, has added concert posters, handbills and postcards to its menu of collectibles grading services. The expansion enables collectors of these rare pieces, which promoted the live music of legendary bands and performers, such as The Beatles, The Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin, to enjoy the same accurate, consistent and impartial grading that CGC has delivered to the comic industry since 1999.

The decision to expand into concert posters is one that CGC Director of Operations, Harshen Patel, believes is a natural fit for the company. “The experience we have across our organization with the handling, grading, and protection of rare paper collectibles puts CGC in a unique position to add value in this market,” said Patel. “There are also great similarities between the collector bases we serve, with comics and music fans sharing a passion for both the history of their respective industries and the artwork created by their iconic figures.”

CGC is accepting submissions from five of most highly coveted vintage poster series, including Bill Graham, Family Dog,Grande Ballroom, Neon Rose and Art of Rock. A modern submission tier is also available for Bill Graham Presents , New Fillmore Series, and MoonAlice

CGC employs a 10-point grading scale for concert posters that is based on the industry standard the company established for comics, magazines, photos and lobby cards. The CGC grade appears on one of a number of colored labels, which differentiate a CGC Universal Grade from CGC grades assigned with any qualifiers or special considerations, including conservation, restoration and signed pieces.

CGC-graded concert posters are sealed in tamper-evident holders of a heavy gauge archival plastic. The fully transparent front and back allows complete viewing of the poster and protects from any improper handling or soiling.


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