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Journey Into Mystery #110 (4.0)

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Title: Journey Into Mystery
Issue: #110
Publisher: Marvel
Year: 11/1964
Grade: VG 4.0

Loki sends the Cobra and Mr. Hyde to kidnap Jane. Thor confronts them but is forced to back down and let them go after they threaten to hurt her. Odin, witnessing the scene, expresses his displeasure at Thor's "weakness" and banishes him from Asgard. Thor explains that his former actions were a result of Loki's trickery. Odin allows Thor to return to Earth where he battles the villains again. He rescues Jane but she is critically ill. Whirling his hammer, Thor creates a vortex around Jane in which time stands still. This will afford him the opportunity to finish his battle with Cobra and Hyde.; Was Odin defeated by an army of men, or did he stage the battle to teach the gods a lesson?