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I'll Never Be Your Crown Princess Vol 01

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$ 14.99
(W) Saki Tsukigami (A/CA) Natsu Kuroki
A scandalous romance in another world! The noblewoman Lidiana, daughter of a duke, is actually the reincarnation of a modern Japanese woman who was tossed into this fantasy world. Although she's engaged to the handsome crown prince, the last thing she wants is to marry into a polygamous royal family. Knowing that only a virgin can marry the prince, she devises a plan to lose her virginity to a mysterious playboy at a masquerade ball. Lidiana lands her masked Lothario, shares an explosive night with him, and goes to confess to the prince so she'll be set free. The only problem is... the prince himself is the masked man, and now he wants her more than ever. This sexy romcom is a whole new kind of adventurous fantasy!
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