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Cartoons Magazine #25

$ 6.99
(A) Various
To start off 2020, we are giving you The Best of CARtoons, "Your #1 Source for Car Culture Humor!" With a fresh new cover, this special issue will feature our best past stories from some of our top artists including George Trosley, Steve Austin, Bob Hardin, Joe  Borer, Nelson Dewey, Jeff Slemons, Fred Boatman,  Drag Daddy, Larry Williams, Mike Yapps, Dart  Daugherty, Greg Panneitz, Dave Beaty, Pat Rea, John Deaton, Paul Townsend, Don Lomax, Tim  Pronk, Jim Lawson, Shawn Dickinson, Shane  O'Brien, Joseph Krejci, Chad Norman & more! Plus, our Fifth "CARtist Spotlight" will be all about  an original CARtoons surprise artist! Come join the fun with 64 pages of pure automotive family-friendly humor! If you love "Cars" and "Comics", you'll love CARtoons Magazine!
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