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Amazing Spider-Man #260 (9.4)

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Title: Amazing Spider-Man 
Issue: #260
Publisher: Marvel
Year: 01/1985
Grade: NM 9.4

Spidey cuts thru the New York underworld looking for Hobgoblin. Spidey's black alien costume tries to get young Franklin Richards to free it from containment but fails. Hobgoblin attacks Harry looking for more of his dad's Goblin journals but Spidey intervenes. They take their fight to the women's bathroom where Hobby has to extinguish a pumpkin bomb webbed to his hand in the toilet. Hobgoblin tries to get away but Spidey snags his goblin glider. Hobby retaliates by slamming the web head into the side of a train. Liz and Mary Jane are captured by the Rose's men & Harry is powerless to stop it.