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Amazing Figure Modeler #69

$ 10.00
Holy Skreeonk! Look who's out to burn down the next epic issue of AFM, its none other than the "King of the Monsters" himself, GODZILLA! It's true folks, Japan's favorite irradiated son is set to lay waste to the pages of AFM in epic fashion with a foam-rubber suited lineup of some of Toho Pictures' most memorable Kaiju! Slated articles will include dioramas of the "Big G" centering on mass destruction and all the modeled havoc that ensues! The history of Godzilla Super-Deformed kits will be revealed with an amazing look at all the biggest, little kits you've ever seen! Next, take a tour of Japan with a unique photo journal diary that takes you from Osaka to Tokyo with a stopover at their world famous WonderFestival Convention! AFM's Company profile spotlights "Star Ace", the Chinese outfit responsible for the highly popular Godzilla DefoReal series, and we'll also be throwing the spotlight on "Resin Chef's" sculptor, Bill Gundenson, and his menagerie of offbeat, Toho Kaiju kits. All this and so much more destruction awaits you in the next foot-stompin', city smashing issue of Amazing Figure Modeler #69!
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